Helping Tucson Residents Charged With A Crime

In our criminal justice system, people accused of crimes are presumed innocent until the case against them is proven. It is easy to forget this simple and very important fact because we live in a time where expediency and speed are valued. We, as a society, have truly begun to believe that people accused of a crime are guilty until proven innocent. And that's just wrong.

No matter what the stigma is for people accused of crimes, they have to fight the charges against them. There is simply too much at stake. The penalties associated with many crimes are very punishing, and the charges are inherently detrimental to a person's reputation. You need a lawyer, and if you live in Tucson, Arizona, the Armstrong Law Office, PLLC can help.

An Experienced Attorney Who Will Work For You

Being charged with any crime -- may it be a DUI, a drug charge, a violent crime, or something more minor in nature -- is a scary experience. You are going to have a lot of questions on your mind, and no matter what the answers may be, you want someone who is willing to work with you and support you during this crucial time in your life.

That's why Bradley Armstrong is who many Tucson residents turn to. With a combination of experience and accessibility, Bradley Armstrong works closely with people who have been accused of committing a crime. Executing a plan and preparing clients for what their specific case will entail are what he is passionate about.